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Supercharge Your Business with Fully Trained Professionals

Starting From $8 Per Hour


What Our Clients Say


"UnityStaff USA made staffing an absolute breeze for me. I need a clerk to take calls? Done. I want someone to help with managing my facebook ads? No problem. My growing team needs a manager to take pressure off my shoulders? Within a week I get an email to take my pick of the best candidates. It's great."

Jasmine Torres, Owner, Ultimate Car Care Center

Slash Operational Costs. Increase Productivity.
Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Excellent English

US Time Zones

Highly Motivated

What you'll avoid

Sifting through a mountain of applications

Searching high and low for top-notch talent

The pain of interviews and letdowns

Roadblocks when trying to fill crucial roles

Dealing with freelancers who can't always be counted on

Watching your budget drain with costly agency fees

How UnityStaff Works

At Unity Staff USA, we connect you with remote workers who are trained by local experts who understand your business problems and have the solutions to bring you more profit and save you more time.


Identify Your Business Needs

First, determine what you're lacking. Call Agents? Salesmen? Customer Service Representatives? Settle on the exact requirements for the job, then come to us to do the rest.


Consultation & Requirement Gathering

Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your staffing needs. Our team will closely understand your business goals and project requirements to identify the expertise needed for your positions.


Talent Matching & Training

Based on your specifications, we handpick professionals from our global network. If needed, candidates undergo tailored training programs to precisely meet your project demands.


Seamless Integration

Once matched, your new remote team members are smoothly integrated into your operations. We provide continuous support to ensure optimal collaboration and productivity, setting your project on the path to success.

Streamline Your Business with Smart Automation

Explore our case study video to see how we implemented effective automation tools like Zapier and Trello to boost accountability and efficiency in a window and door installation business. These solutions allow crucial business operations to run autonomously, freeing up valuable time for essential tasks.

Learn how automated processes can help focus your efforts on growth and strategic planning, ensuring that every part of your business is optimized for success.

Interested in optimizing your business processes?


Meet the Team

AF Portait_White_edited.jpg

Anthony Forca
Founder, Director

MA Portrait.jpg

Matthew Amann
Co-Founder, Director

Kimlyn Portrait.png

Kimlyn Laurie-Charles
Chief Employee Trainer

What to Expect

Recruitment Excellence

Benefit from our robust recruitment process that ensures the right fit for your team every time.

Customized Training Programs

Elevate your team’s capabilities with tailored training programs designed to meet the demands of your projects.

Remote Staffing Solutions

Extend your team effortlessly with our global network of professionals ready to integrate into your operations.

Continuous Support

Experience seamless integration with continuous support ensuring optimal collaboration and productivity.


Why UnityStaff USA?

Value for Money

One common misconception is that hiring international remote staff has to be a choice between high expense, and cheap but bottom-of-the-barrel quality. We beg to differ. When you work with us, you're investing in well-trained, highly-skilled professionals who can perform tasks efficiently and effectively.

Hassle-Free Experience

We understand that finding perfect-fit employees can be stressful. At Unity Staff USA, we've streamlined this process to be as simple as giving us your role requirements and budget. Our experienced agents will search our network of skilled professionals to find your perfect match, all within a week! You can sit back, relax, and get ready to meet your new high-performing team member.


Some of our satisfied Clients

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Some of our satisfied Clients

How we vet our Candidates

At Unity Staff USA, our aim is to align the right talent with your distinct roles effortlessly. Our thorough vetting process examines 26 data points across role suitability, cultural alignment, and experience, alongside 21 professional competencies.

It’s akin to having a diligent associate handpick individuals who will seamlessly integrate with your team and propel your projects forward. Let's collaborate to find those ideal matches and elevate your business operations.

Evaluate the candidate's proficiency and aptitude in relation to key tasks and job responsibilities.


Hire Starting From $8 Per Hour

Just tell us your job specifications, budget, and hiring time-frame, and we'll do the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Unity Staff USA?
    Unity Staff USA is an outsourcing company specializing in providing skilled professionals from Latin America to businesses worldwide. We offer a range of hires including call agents, salesmen, customer service representatives, and managers.
  • What sets Unity Staff USA apart from other outsourcing companies?
    We distinguish ourselves through our rigorous recruitment process, ensuring a perfect fit for your team, and our ability to provide high-quality, cost-effective staffing solutions without compromising on the quality of talent.
  • What payment methods does UnityStaff USA accept?
    We accept various payment methods, including bank transfers and major credit cards. Specific details can be provided during the contracting process.
  • What is the base service package offered by UnityStaff USA?
    Our base service package starts at $320 US, which includes 40 hours of remote worker time at a minimum rate of $8 per hour. This flexible package allows clients to distribute hours across various tasks or roles as needed. To ensure an optimal pairing between your business needs and our talent, we kindly request clients to indicate intended work schedule in advance. This information will help us perfectly match you with a suitable candidate, or multiple candidates if you decide to split the work hours among several professionals.
  • Can I hire multiple professionals and distribute the work hours among them?
    Yes, clients can choose to split the 40-hour work package among multiple professionals (Up to 2 at a time). We request clients to indicate intended work hours in advance for optimal pairing with suitable candidates.
  • How is the hourly rate structured for different roles?
    Our extremely competitive standard $8 hourly rate applies to the following roles: Call Agents, Customer Service Representatives, and Data Entry Clerks. For specialized roles requiring specific skills or experience, such as Social Media Managers or Accountants, rates are determined based on the requirements and experience needed.
  • Are there any hidden costs or additional fees in UnityStaff USA's pricing?
    No, our pricing model is transparent and straightforward. We ensure there are no hidden costs or surprises. Any rates or additional fees will be clearly communicated and agreed upon in advance.
  • How are rates for highly specialized or experienced roles determined?
    For roles that require specialized skills or a higher level of experience, such as Social Media Managers, Accountants, or Marketing Leaders, the rates are tailored based on your budget as a client, your specific requirements for the position, and your ideal level of experience for the hire. Once all these details are agreed upon, the hiring and training process will commence.
  • How do I start the hiring process with Unity Staff USA?
    Begin by scheduling a free consultation with us to discuss your staffing needs. Our team will understand your business goals and project requirements to identify the expertise needed for your positions.
  • How does Unity Staff USA ensure the right fit for my company?
    We use a thorough vetting process that examines 26 data points across role suitability, cultural alignment, and experience, along with 21 professional competencies, to ensure a seamless match.
  • Do the professionals provided by Unity Staff USA undergo any training?
    Yes, if needed, candidates undergo tailored training programs to meet your project demands precisely, ensuring they are well-prepared for their roles.
  • How does Unity Staff USA maintain quality in its staffing solutions?
    We maintain quality by handpicking professionals from our global network and ensuring they are well-trained and highly skilled to perform tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • How are new team members integrated into my operations?
    Once matched, your new remote team members are smoothly integrated into your operations, with our team providing continuous support to ensure optimal collaboration and productivity.
  • What ongoing support does Unity Staff USA provide post-hiring?
    We offer continuous support to both you and your remote team members to ensure seamless integration and maintain high productivity levels throughout the project duration.
  • Does UnityStaff USA offer any long-term contract discounts or special packages?
    For long-term engagements or special requirements, we may offer customized packages or discounts. Clients are encouraged to discuss their long-term needs with us for tailored solutions.
  • How does UnityStaff USA handle changes in contract terms or project scope?
    Any changes in contract terms or project scope are handled through direct communication with our team. We work with clients to adjust terms and ensure continued satisfaction with our services.
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